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Best Hospital For Spine Problem In Ahmedabad, Orthopedic Surgeon In Satellite

Dr. Mehul H. Desai is a Best Orthopedic Oncology Surgeon in Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad. He is also doctor for Trauma & Sports injuries, Fracture Dislocations, Spine Problems, Spine Disc Problem, Joint replacement treatment, knee replacement treatment and more than orthopedic treatment. And Mehul Desai is Also Available in Rajasthan.

I have been practicing Orthopedic Consultant in Ahmedabad, Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Satellite, since last fifteen years. I have served as a Assistant Professor of Orthopedics at B.J. Medical College and Civil Hospital Ahmedabad for two years. from 1999 to 2001. I had started my practice as a general Orthopedic surgeon performing trauma, degenerative spine, arthroplasties and arthroscopies.

At present I am working as consultant Orthopedic surgeon with attachments at HCG Medisurge, JIvraj Mehta Hospital, Sterling Hospital and Desai Hospital.

I have been doing trauma surgeries like peri-prosthetic fractures fixation, open fracture treatment, joint reconstruction following malunited fractures, surgeries for non-union and malunion of fractures, fixation of compression fractures of dorsal and lumbar spine. Hemiarthroplasties for nonunion of inter-trochanteric fracture, total hip replacement for degenerative and traumatic affection. I have performed large no of surgeries for prolapsed intervertebral dics in dorsal and lumbarspine with discectomies, laminectomies with or without fixation.

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Trauma Surgeon Ahmedabad

Trauma Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Dr. Mehul H. Desai Best Trauma Surgeon in Ahmedabad.

It’s a field dealing with treatment of injuries. It involves fixation of fractures, soft tissue repair, ligamentous reconstructions for restoration of function.
It also may involve reduction and immobilisation of stable fracture with splnits & plaster cast. Soft tissue coverage following open fractures & degloving injuries with split thickness or full thickness grafts or flaps comprise emergency treatment. Management of neurovascular injuries is very important part of diagnosis in emergency.

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Spine Surgeon Ahmedabad

Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Dr. Mehul H. Desai one of the best for Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad.

It comprises of fixation of traumatic fractures & dislocations of vertbrae, traumatic & degenerative disc prolapse, neurological deficit following spinal cord injuries, laminectomies for lateral canal decompression & canal compromise. Minimally invasive spine surgeries are call of the day.
Fixations can be done both anterior & posterior depending on pathology.
Anterior corpectomy & grafting with removal of diseased granulation tissue in tuberculous / pyogenic affection of spine is a mode of treatment.

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Orthopeadic Oncology Ahmedabad

Arthroscopy Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Dr. Mehul H. Desai for Ortho Onco Surgeon in Satellite Ahmedabad Gujarat Rajasthan.

Treatment of benign & malignant tumors in form of surgery ,chemotherapy, radiation therapy & supportive management comprise part of orthopedic treatment of bone cancer.
Limb Salvage surgeries in form of prosthesis or resection arthrodesis around the knee, shoulder, hip and elbows as well as wrist is current modality of treatment.
Prosthetic & othotics also comprise significant part of Post-operative management.

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Joint Replacement Ahmedabad

Joint Replacement in Ahmedabad

Dr. Mehul H. Desai for Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad Gujarat Rajasthan.

Comprises reconstructive surgeries for improvement of function in form of pain relief & increase in range of movement. Total joint replacement is now well established for elder, osteoporotic and young patients respectively. Ones for knees replacement is a very important surgery of Orthopedic. Hiflex variety enables patient to even sit cross-legged. Range of flexion beyond 120 degree is possible in knee with such innovations. Modular joints designed according to needs of patient individually is the need of the day.

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