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What is Joint Replacement

Joint replacement medical procedures might be required on account of Arthritis, wear and tear of years, accidental injury, and immense issues in development or torment, illnesses and so on. First, our orthopaedic specialist’s advice for exercises, physical treatment, prescriptions or others, on account of no alleviation with these techniques, orthopaedic doctor or surgeon may recommend you the joint replacement surgery option.

In Joint replacement surgery, the surgeon removes the damaged part of a problematic joint and replaces them with new, man-made parts. These parts could be made of ceramic, metal or in other combination.

Main Joint Replacement Surgeries Serve by Dr. Mehul Desai

  1. Partial Hip replacement
  2. Total Hip replacement
  3. Knee replacement


At the time of the surgery your surgeon puts you on Anaesthesia; it may block the pain only in one part of the body or put your whole body to sleep and replaces the damaged joint with ceramic or joint implants. After surgery, our staff keeps checking that when you fully awake or after numbness. In the case of a knee or hip surgery, you may need to stay in the hospital for a few days.

Dr. Mehul Desai is one of the Best Orthopaedic Doctors in Ahmedabad, after joint replacement surgery, generally, Dr. Mehul Desai keeps the patient on physiotherapy, so the replaced knee or hip could be adjusted well. Physiotherapy helps the patient to get strengthen the muscles and work to regain motion in the joint.

We suggest regular follow-ups for your physiotherapy and other checkups according to the schedule and requirement.

Advantages of Partial Joint Replacement

Multiple studies have shown that modern Joint replacement performs very well in the vast majority of patients who are appropriate candidates. The advantages of partial Joint replacement over total Joint replacement include:

o Quicker recovery
o Less pain after surgery
o Less blood loss

Also, because the bone, cartilage, and ligaments in the healthy parts of the knee are kept, most patients report that a Joint Replacement in Ahmedabad feels more "natural" than a total Joint replacement. A unicompartmental knee may also bend better.

Disadvantages of Partial Joint Replacement

The disadvantages of partial Joint replacement compared with total Joint replacement include slightly less predictable pain relief, and the potential need for more surgery. For example, a total Joint replacement may be necessary in the future if arthritis develops in the parts of the knee that have not been replaced.


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Septic Arthritis-THR

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Total Hip Replacement

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