Cauda Equina

Case:1 Traumatic Fracture L1 with Cauda Equina

60 years old female with one& half months old fracture L1 presented with complete paraplegia with bladder & bowel involvement. She was treated with posterior decompression (Laminectomy), reduction of retroplused fragrant & pedicure screw fixation. Full neurological recovery on 6th day.

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Pre-op Lateral

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Post-op Lateral

Case:2 Traumatic Fracture L2 with Cauda Equina

Male 65 years of age presented with 1 month old fracture L2 with paraparesis & bladder, bowel involvement. He was treated with Laminectomy (Decompression) & fixation with pedicular screws neurological full recovery by 10 days post-operative.

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Post-op Lateral

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