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In our knee joint, there are two main bones and between two of them, there is jelly-like lubricant fluid which is synovial fluid and a soft cushion which is meniscus. This jelly and cushion helps us to move and keep bones at a proper distance. This synovial lubricating fluid and meniscus work together and with the help of meniscus remain wet and slimy so that cushioning effect could provide you smoothness which is required for comfortable movements.

Problems in Knee Joint in Ahmedabad

With the age cushion‘s thickness keep decreasing,turns thin and the surface of two bones comes nearer. The normal friction of the disc should be 5 mm but because of thinning those two bones start touching together. This friction of bones to each other form osteophytes bony spurs. Repeated friction convert smooth surfaces into hard surfaces, it causes much pain in the movement. In some cases, accidents or other problems can create problems in knee movements.

Knee replacement Surgeries in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Dr. Mehul Desai is one of the best orthopedic doctor and surgeon who provide best knee solutions in Ahmedabad:-
  • Arthroscopy
  • Joint resurfacing
  • Osteotomy
  • Synovectomy
  • Total Joint replacement
  • Minimally invasive TJR
  • Joint Revision

  • Knee pain care before surgery in Ahmedabad

    Before surgery, we try the following ways to treat our patients:-

  • Medicines as NSAIDS
  • Kneecap/braces cap
  • Lubricant injection, Synovial Fluid Replacement Therapy (SFRT)
  • Intra-articular steroid injection
  • Some other pain relief therapies.

  • Before any surgical or nonsurgical method of treatment, Dr. Mehul Desai prescribes lifestyle changes as increase muscle strength and appropriate weight control or other pain relief methods. If the patient does not relieve with any method then we suggest the knee replacement surgery.

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