Limb Salvage Procedure

Limb Salvage is a surgical procedure which replaces the diseased bone and reconstructs a functional limb because of cancer; with the help of a metal implant, a bone graft of another person (allograft) or a combination of bone graft and metal implant (allo-prosthetic composite). It is also called Limb Sparing surgery, in the procedure the surgeon intends to remove a tumor while preserving the nearby tendons, nerves and blood vessels so the patient can maintain function in the affected limb.

Dr Mehul Desai, is a famous Orthopedic Oncology Doctor in Ahmedabad, and Rajasthan; he says about Limb Salvage Surgery that we understand the complexities of these surgeries during the procedure , our orthopedic oncology doctor removes the tumor and related tissues; with extra one inch of healthy surrounding tissues. Depends on case if part of a bone is removed , it is replaced using synthetic metal rods, prostheses or pieces of bone (grafts). Further soft tissues and muscles from other body parts are used, so that wounds could be closed. With the time, replacement bone fuses together with the original bone, making limb movement possible. We use Limb Salvage surgery often with the radiation and chemotherapy, as a good option to treat cancer which spreading at slow rate.

Case:1 Osteosarcoma Resection Arthrodesis

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Case:2 Osteosarcoma Upper Tibia Modular TKR

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Case:3 malignant fibrous histiocytoma

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Excised Tumor

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