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What is Disc

The term ‘Disc’ is a short form for the ‘inter-vertebral disc’, it is the spongy cushions which separate the block like bones (vertebrate) of the spine. These discs play very important functions as shock absorption, keeping the vertebral column stable and giving the vertebrate ‘pivot points’ to allow the movement. Basically, a disc is made of two parts: the elastic outer shell (annulus fibrosis) and the jelly-like contents (nucleus pulposis). Our disc can handle a lot of pressure without any problem or damage but certain types of pressure can damage the shell.

Problems in Disc

There are some common disc problems which happen because of many reasons :

Spine surgeries with Dr.Mehul Desai

Dr. Mehul Desai is one of the best spine surgeons who provide spine solutions in Ahmedabad. There are some surgical approaches of spine surgery as an anterior approach, posterior approach, and lateral approach.

Spine care or conservative treatment before surgery

A trial of non-operative treatment as physical therapy, pain medication as anti-inflammatory or bracing is always advised by Dr. Mehul Desai. A trial period of this conservative treatment varies according to patients but wait for six weeks to six months is generally considered.

At Mehul Desai Hospital we recommend spine surgery when only nonsurgical treatment as when medicines and physical therapy fail to relieve the symptoms. We consider surgery only when we really need it as a herniated disc, scoliosis or spinal stenosis.

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